What exactly is Social Media?

Social media refers to content created and consumed by regular people. This includes comments on posts or at the end of articles, photos, conversations with friends on a social network, and blog posts published and commented on. Everyone is a content publisher!

Marketers publish content to meet their business and marketing needs. Customers now own the conversations in relation to the published content.

Influencers are everyday people who influence customers as they make purchasing decisions. It may be a spouse, friend, work buddy, or online blogger. They rate products or comment on posts or ads across the web. Anyone can be a social influencer.

In today’s market, you must market to potential customers’ influences as well so they can influence potential customers. This is social media marketing!

The power of persuasion is you biggest tool. You persuade your customer to buy your product. You need to figure out your message and find a way to convince others to believe in it.

Don’t rely on only social media platforms. They do get their attention. However, you need to provide links to the book, offer a place for conversation, ask for reviews, and provide links to all your social media venues (newsletters, blogs, and the like).

Drive home the value! How will your customers feel when they read your book? Is there anything to learn? What is your book comparable to?

Offer up inspiration! Give away a copy or two. Set up a vote. Reward them for signing up for your newsletter.

Creating your posts or blog is not enough. You need to curate as well. Answer questions in the comments, address criticism, and thank your readers.

Don’t be afraid to admit when you are wrong. If your strategy is wrong, change it! Think about how to influence your readers and be ready to adapt to meet their needs when necessary.

Lynn Tincher

Published Author and owner of Announce Social Media

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